DPU Systems

Complete, managed and highly optimized software packages for DPU’s. or access; a wide choice of processors; NetConf, SNMP and others all in a single code base.

Linux GPL (free)

Free OpenWRT-compliant distributions under GPL for several popular platforms, including our latest server-based virtual device. Full source code is available and no licensing or royalty fees are required.


Device virtualization with unmatched performance and functionality. Many unique optimization techniques for a real, practical NFV solution.

Linux Premium

A licensed OpenWRT distribution that adds to our Linux GPL aggressive optimization techniques, NFV/SDN, more flexible networking options and access to our support and upgrade services.


  • Marvell™ Prestera™
  • MicroSemi™ Wintegra™ WP3 and WP4
  • Xilinx™ ARM-based FPGA
  • Ethernity™ Xilinx™, ARM-based FPGA
  • Virtual machines:
  • VMware™, docker,, kmv, UML
  • Standard OpenWRT packaging

Recent news

Aug 15, 2016

Linux Distribution Released for Ethernity Processor

Inango Linux Distribution now available for Ethernity Networks fabric flow processor with standard OpenWRT packaging and exploiting hardware flow acceleration.

Jul 5, 2016

Updates to DPU Software

Inango Systems provides updates on DPU software: field trials, expanded functionality and support for more processors

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